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Nashville attorney Randy Hooper in Brentwood has created this site to help you now with information to answer your estate planning and probate questions.

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Nashville Attorney Randy Hooper Estate Planning & Probate Law

Nashville attorney Randy Hooper in Brentwood has created this site to help you now with information to answer your questions. Be sure to view the free resources page before you go.

Randy has been helping Nashville area residents, small business owners, and their families keep Safe Estates for more than two decades. For probate and estate planning services, he’s seen and done it all. From helping surviving family members prepare for the process and outcome of intestate succession (Tennessee’s default terms for those without a will) to advocating for family members embroiled in a contentious fight over a large estate. Better yet Randy prepares estate planning documents to prevent troubles in the probate process, preserve your assets for your family as well as assure that your wishes are honored in the end of life healthcare decisions and after your passing. Having your affairs in order is a great gift to your family.

Aside from staying on top of court proceedings and delivering impeccable document preparation, Randy is strident in exploring all the what-ifs and potential estate-threatening situations that his clients’ may face. Beyond anything, he listens to you and explains complex legal issues in plain English.

Nashville Attorney Explains Probate vs. Estate Planning

Whether part of a newly formed household or one that has recently lost a member, many people have questions about the difference between probate and estate planning. Some people have even mistakenly thought that these two things mean the same thing.

Probate is the process by which a decedent’s will is proved and subsequently becomes a legal document that can be used by the executor of the will and enforced through the court system. Thus, this process also grants authority to the executor to administer the estate.

Estate planning, in contrast, is more of an umbrella term for legal services that include will preparation, setting up a trust(s), and establishing power of attorney and/or a healthcare surrogate. For larger, more complex estates, an attorney is also commonly asked to aid in the administration of the trust.

Ask Yourself…

Will your family or close friends be burdened with the task of guessing at how to distribute your wealth and belongings upon your death? Will the court recognize their authority to administer your estate? Do you know how much your family will lose to applicable state and federal estate taxes? Is your estate safe? Does your family know your wishes for end-of-life healthcare decisions? Will your doctor act on these wishes? The answers to these questions spell out why everybody needs a will and basic estate planning, while some people need to establish a trust to further protect their estate from abuse, manipulation, and seizure.

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